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Fake United Gold Direct Complaints and RipOff Review

This is the most problem for almost all potential clients of United Gold Direct as this is the primary hindrance on their biggest break for their business career. Instead of choosing United Gold Direct as their gold supplier online, they shift to other companies because of this fake RipOff review. I’m not saying that UGD is the best company you can make a deal online but I’m saying that those review and complaints against them are fake made by jealous competitor to get the potential client of UGD to go with them as definitely the one that perform scamming online as black propaganda would be consider as indecent way of bashing other company to take the credit and push it with yours.

Yes it is good to read products and services first before making a deal. United Gold Direct also recommending that way of being a vigilant at online buying. It is also an advantage for them as you can see different buyer’s testimonies of how they satisfied working with them and of course this will be a boost for the reputation of UGD online. Because of that jealous competitors use manipulation of reviews through RipOffReport.com to bash the company. They are filing fake complaints and negative reviews that might reach potential buyers and divert their initial acknoweldgment from United Gold Direct into their own interest. And that is what I want to share to you with this article on how they made it and my own evidence about this false allegation.

RipOffReport.com is everyone’s favorite in filing a complaint because Google give it a higher rating and almost all page of this website is on a decent ranking on Google search engine result page. It is has a massive impression for those who are looking for review as this is all about that content and complaint is the core of this website. Because of how Google gave the reputation on this website, internet users also believe that all content of this site is legitimate but actually not especially today this website became a powerful weapon to bash the reputation of any companies who are making a transaction online.

United Gold Direct Fake Complaints

It is ironically on how it is easy to file a complaint it is very difficult to remove it as there is actually no way to remove it. Yes that is true because RipOffReport.com is implementing no removal policy so once you file a report there is no way to delete it even this is false or you already fixed up the problem on both side. This a big shame on their rule but it is legal and all author/reporter agreed on this term of service before posting anything. Yes it is true that it is very easy to submit report as you are only require to have one valid email address. No ID, no verification and definitely no further investigation about the reliability of this report. With this kind of accepting report, this site also beloved by most scammer in bashing their competitors website and redirect them to their scam sites.

Now that you understand how reporting on RipOffReports.com works and how their have their system in accepting information it is now easy for us to discuss the issue of fake United Gold Direct complaints from one of rip off reviews. Yes it is a shame to see complaints against on this company but we saw that this on RipOffReport.com we are very sure that this from one of jealous competitors of this gold company. Also it is not a big issue if we will their name on that rip off site because UGD can be consider as one of the best gold seller online while scammer believe if only they can make a false complaints on this company they can redirect clients on their website from United Gold Direct.

So how come this is only a black propaganda. Of course we made a thorough research about the report, the author, and the other source from different website. Upon reading the complaint you will see that staff from UGD replied on it willing to solve the problem in case that this is true. They asked about the transaction number, receipt and other details to resolve it. And this is the reason why we said that this is only a black propaganda, there is no response on the author or any reply about the any kind of trasanction verification. Instead they are continue posting about he was a victime of scam tactics from this gold seller company. And the issue made it clearer when the reporter/author drop a link where others can purchase gold. That is what I’m talking about redirecting the client from trusted website to scam site. From the very beginning the entire report is fake and he end it with a link directing to their site. This activity is 100% made by jealous or scammer competitors.

Because of non removal policy United Gold Direct can’t remove this post on RipOffReport and until now its bashing the reputation of UGD and also driving their client to website that do scamming activities. It’s a shame that Google or search engine is on the part of it as they are giving this fake post a good rank that everyone who are looking for review will see and probably believe on it because Google recommend it through their SERPs. While I hope that RipOffReport can do more verification on any report their are receiving. Even the comment system of every should have a moderation or authentication.

Now we can do nothing about this biggest companies in online industry but I believe that on the end, the truth will still set you free.

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Buying Gold Direct From Refinery Online

It is difficult to find affordable gold because most transaction already arranged by middleman. Mostly companies that are selling in this kind of industry come out with big connection from different source and it is the reason why this metal became expensive. If only you can buy it directly on the refinery or mine you will find it very cheap. Actually when you say direct buying it is not all about going to mine but it is also refer from buying scrap.

Here in our country there are some folksmen shouting and asking if you are willing to sell your scrap gold to them. That is very typical in other countries too while you can see some buyers in pedestrian walk and other populated areas that can be consider direct buying. Although this not for a big deal but this is the best way to purchase cheap gold.

Buy Gold Direct from Mine

There but if you are looking for a bulk buying maybe you should go for trusted company like United Gold Direct although you can’t find products there are cheaper as what you can get through scrapping but still you can avail discounts to them for big transaction. If you are serious in this kind of investment, you should contact them and they are free to give you advice on this kind of industries base on what is suitable for your expectation, capabilities, and capital.

This is the key, most scrap gold seller don’t know much about the real price of this precious metal and that is your advantage. And because they are not well educated about the economy of their products, probably they also don’t know how to use online to sell their products direct from their hands that is the number one reason why it is difficult to find online seller and it is like mining your own gold stock. Also it is good to be specific in your search like adding countries. You are expecting  personal deal with you and your seller and although you can arrange it through online you still need to see one another so if you are living on UK you try to search where you can buy gold direct from refinery on UK or should I say in US or try your own country maybe there are lots on your area too just hope they already using internet for marketing.

Plants vs Zombies 2 Free Download Full Version PC

This is the one most players of PvZ looking forward, the ultimate PC full version. Actually this is the reason why PopCap’s games in the line of title franchise taken up the lead 4 years ago. Although the game was likely acknowledged as the most downloaded iPhone apps I strongly believe that what made this game famous because of its PC version. Only the problem with this version is that there are lots of crack that they can download for free and at that time PvZ will cost you $2.99 and also at that time, crack or pirated version is not widely available on iPhone or iOS system thus every download are from official source (legitimate) while players paid for them and they have reliable records. So the result they can count it and ranked as the most download mobile apps on its generation. But if only they can use the numbers of downloads of Plants vs Zombies on PC I’m very sure that this far more their official records but sad to say that is not legitimate so they can use this as official reference.

It is a fact that there are lots of users from PC than any other products of Apple with iOS. But for the sake of marketing and net profiting, PopCap made a good decision on releasing it on the platform where they can earn more. It is useless to be on the top of any ranking domination without an income in return. Also instead they can make a conversion through iOS while giving users an option to do this on PC their possibility to make a profit with sole platform compatibility will be decrease. Continue reading

Get Your Copy Now of Official Grand Theft Auto 5 Strategy Guide

BradyGames together with Rockstar, developer and publishing company of Grand Theft Auto title franchise officially announced that their signature series of Grand Theft Auto 5 strategy guide is open for pre-order. I believe that most of us are excited to download the full version of the game but before letting your fingers touch this massive open-world-nature game marketing wants more money from their players and I guess this game deserves players cash. So it’s OK come on we are here to support but please don’t leave us unsatisfied from this release.

The good thing about this $24.99 worth strategy guide, it includes free exclusive lithograph of the accompanying photo feature Trevor, Franklin and Michael as they are the primary characters you can use on GTA 5.

The Signature Series is content of 400 pages  of complete Grand Theft Auto 5 guides (I don’t know if they also included cheats too) but as far as they announce on this walkthrough guides it include a full coverage of all mission, location, and the full detailed map of Blaine County and Los Santos.

grand thef auto 5 official over

While if you are really die hard fan of GTA, there is also Limited Edition for you. It consists of 432 page hardcover bound with exclusive bonus lithograph and GTA 5 photos that you can purchase for $36.99 not so expensive but you must hurry now because like what I’ve said this is only a limited edition.

gta 3 lithograph

Sample of GTA Lithograph taken from Grand Theft Auto 3

Base on our trusted source, Grand Theft Auto 5 is the biggest in terms of content among all previous release. You can watch the trailer below for some hints that this time it is not about 1 or 2 characters that are playable but 3 so I guess it is good to consider to secure a copy of this wakthrough guide to discover all secrets and hidden items through out the game.

For more GTA related topic especially the most awaited release of full version game to download you can bookmark or subscribe United Gold Direct. This is by pressing Ctrl +D or follow us on Facebook so our updates will appear on your wall. Thank you very much.

Will You Watch Gran Turismo on the Big Screen?

Recently Sony Entertainment confirmed the release of Gran Turismo in the big screen. It is all their pride to liven up this video game into film with MIchael de Luca and Dana Brunetti as executive producers. They are known from producing 2 successful movies last year, The Social Network and Fifty Shades of Grey together with Sony Pictures executives such as Devon Franklin, Elizabeth Cantillon and Hanna Minghella.

As of now, every detail is no official confirmation aside from what they mentioned above but definitely this movie will be based on one of Sony’s best-selling racing game. How I love to play the story part of the game, getting and customizing cars I really like. While putting this into movie, do you have any idea how the storyline of this game flow with racing and cars or what is the genre of this film? For me there are lots of cool game from Sony Entertainment that need to bring on the big screen like God of War than this game but being fan of their games since childhood and also GT I will surely watch this movie.

Gran Turismo Movie - United Gold Direct

For more updates about Gran Turismo the movie, you can bookmark United Gold Direct’s Review or follow us on Facebook to see our updates on your wall. What is this updates we are talking about? Of course the production, behind the scenes, cast, storyline and even the access for full length movie premiere.

Left 4 Dead 3 Ready To Download on August 2013

Because you followed us you will always be the first to know about gaming rumor and teaser and as a good example we will let you be the first to download Left 4 Dead 3. We found a countdown clock for the release of this 3rd sequel on their official website and after computing on when it exactly ends, it falls on August 21, 2013 (US time). Actually right now there is no official announcement from Valve and other official source but looking on that website showing countdown, there is a company logos of Valve, the Source Engine and Steam we are looking forward that this site is legitimate.

2013 is definitely a year for all gamers after Valve announced their project of Half-Life 3 this gonna be a back to back download for those who love first person shooting game.

left for dead 3 download

Don’t forget to bookmark (Ctrl + D) this website (United Gold Direct) for more video games update. From now we will also start our own countdown for this game as we are so excited to smash all those zombies with bullets. While speaking of games, we believe that you don’t want to miss Plants vs Zombies 2 especially this game is free to download so while we are waiting for Left 4 Dead 3 why don’t give a try for this perfect tower defense based game.

Get Trainer Tool for Facebook Without Doing Survey

If you can notice we are really against on Survey because from the very beginning, this is the primary reason why internet became sucks – advertisement. And unlike an ordinary form advertisement, this will give you without excuse to get minutes of your life and aside from that they will also take your credit card and do malicious thing on it. But that is not the end of your calvary because what you will get and they so called premium content is fake content.

There are lots of question there answering them all is not enough because in the end you need to give up your credit card number as well as your phone number. And to that number they will send you items that will charge to your balance the same on your credit card. If you will not indicate that, you can’t access their content. So even you have much time to dedicate to them but don’t have digits to put still there is no sense. Anyway actually from the start it has no sense at all because there is no premium content at all. Everything is fake, the content, screenshot or even video can now be manipulated. Continue reading

Download Plants vs Zombies 2 Free from Official Source with No Survey

Since the announcement of PopCap about the release of Plants vs Zombies 2: It’s about time, many players from different part of the world want to know where they can download the full version for their different gaming platforms. Actually it is very easy to download because the game has officially release for free and what you need to do is to find a perfect site offering an official download.

While there are some website offers a a download after doing surveys actually, I can’t say if that is working or not but the fact is, you can get the copy of Plants vs Zombies for your iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac and android without doing this annoying survey. Some of them telling that this is human verification, well that is not true because the real intention of this survey is to get your credit card and do some salami hacking on it. This is against on how PopCap release their game, because they created the game for you and that is free.

If you are with me believing that there is no really free in this world, yes that is true because Popcap still in needs of your money (of course) and they are only targeting to pocket by selling in game boost. It has range prizes of $3.99 to $1.99. Just like the popular systems of MMORPG, PopCap also expecting to get an edge with their newest game through this kind of marketing. Continue reading

The Concept of Facebook Games Gifts Exchange Explained

Playing Facebook Games let me noticed those players who are always in their dilemma of asking their friends to click their quest item request so it will be granted for them and proceed to a new task. Sometimes it is annoying to see that players post those kind of links asking for you to click, at first you will say to yourself that this is virus and alarming to grant their request. If only they know that there is Facebook Games Gifts Exchange script that they can use for free, they will never experience the hush of playing social games as this is very simple and that is actually how developers created those games. While there are some players already knew it but they don’t want to use this as they are believing that this automation tool is part of cheating. Well let United Gold Direct explained it to you so you will never experience this problem anymore.

Facebook Games Gifts Exchange is a tool made from script tend to automate requesting and granting quest items and gifts. Actually the term exchange is already presence on the system even without using a tool. This is to encourage everyone to participate and let their players promote their games. In simple logic, the more friends you have the more easier for your request to be granted. Actually not only your friends can click that link or grant your request but anyone but of course only your friends can see that link you shared on your wall. This is now the advantage of using automation script. Continue reading